[thesite] proposed CSS addition

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Feb 16 11:08:05 CST 2002

>while i abhor the idea of classing any elements within an article, it's
>better than the alternative, which would be applying it to all tables,
>which would hose the site...  or the alternative alternative (like the
>other other white meat) could be just to pretend i never mentioned

i like the second of the above options   ;o)

>looks great in Opera 6, not perfect in IE5.5 or N6.2...

looks like isaac's screenshot in win ie5 -- lines sticking up from the
blacktabnavbarthingie, lines in the author stats, lines in the search

on a related topic, you know how you have Rendered (Character) and Rendered
(Numeric) as headings in the character tables?  how about splitting that
row off as a "stacked" table? then the rest of the table could have its
cell widths more free to adjust to their contents, and there'd be less
wrapping of the Name column -- right now those two rendered columns have a
lot of white space and the Name column wraps a lot, making the whole thing
look clunky...


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