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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 3 10:15:38 CST 2002

Adrian and Olly (and everyone else)

I've forgotten all about this .. and now I can't remember what I'm supposed
to do.  (Sorry this is a conversation from early Dec.)

We talked about adding source files to the images FAQ .. but I don't know
which files on Adrian's site to actually add...


logo_all_50.psd ?
logo_all.psd ?

What about the cubes?

Also, I just now d/l the file Olly posted, referenced below .. and its a
variation of the logo .. "hosted by evolt.org" .. should it just be added as
a gif?   Or also added as a source file?  Or should we keep the source files
as only the "official" logos?



----- Original Message -----
From: "Olly Hodgson" <gnarly at punkass.com>

| On a related note, I have put together a PSD (Photoshop 6) file based on
| transparent logo images on...
| http://www.evolt.org/evolt_images/
| Everything is on separate layers, and it has a transparent background, so
| that I could set my own alias colour in PS's Save for Web dialog (for
| instance I use #6699CC on my site). Its on...
| http://members.evolt.org/gnarly/evolt_bits/small_evolt_logo.psd
| ..at present but I was wondering if it was worth adding it to the evolt
| image collection in its present PSD format? That way other people can set
| their own alias colour using the Save for Web dialog - the current .gif
| images only provide for black and white do they not?

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