[thesite] Ratings Bar .. CSS .. yet again ...

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 3 18:29:48 CST 2002

Oh, I see. Yeah. I think you're going to need either another style like 
"rating-empty" to get the "solid" and "#000" attributes on the border, 
or put those attributes inline with the "1px" attributes. (That's how I 
got it to work, anyway.)

Since I assume you're assigning those classes dynamically, it would be 
easiest to create another class and assign that where aard and I were 
saying you'd leave off the class altogether. (Give it a bright pink 
background, okay? ;p )

Oh, and the widths of the individual cells should be "20%" each, but you 
probably already knew that.


Michele Foster wrote:

> Yeah, it does .. which is what I had original thought .. but the lines don't
> work.  And, my understanding is that we want to be able to colourize the
> border .. i.e. in this CSS it is black, but in say oldschoolevolt.css, we
> will probably want to use the blue border.
> To backtrack .. we've left inline style for the sides of the borders .. i.e.
> each cell either does or doesn't have a 1 px width border applied.  Then the
> background, border colour and border type (in this case solid) comes from
> the CSS.
> I've modified the sample article, removing the class="rating" from the last
> cell, see what I mean?
> http://test.evolt.org/article/Just_a_Test/18/17463/index.html
> Thanks guys ...
> Mich
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> From: "David McCreath" <mccreath at ak.net>
> | > How do I show the non-rated portion?  I think I need two classes,
> rating_on
> | > and rating_off to get this to work.  Do you have any other options?
> |
> |
> | The simplest solution is to not apply a class to those cells; only apply
> |   it to the cells required to show the rating. Make sense?
> |
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