[thesite] Let's Do It (teo --> weo)

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Jan 11 14:00:28 CST 2002

Hi Everyone ....

Dan's going to be rolling the code from teo to weo very shortly.  You may
see some oddities during this transition.  Once Dan's done, we'll do a final
double-check that nothing got broken, then post the article I wrote to
Community News and parts of it to thelist.

All photos uploaded will be rolled over automatically.  Anyone that entered
a bio will need to re-enter it on weo (or copy it to weo).  I'll be adding,
Jeff and Adrian's.

Jeff, the ratings bar, we've commented out the new version for now.  Let's
save it for the next iteration.  (Which hopefully won't be 4 months in
preparing ;)



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