[thesite] a few articles comments

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Jan 21 16:32:10 CST 2002

From: "Richard Bennett" <richard.b at gritechnologies.com>

hi richard,

| Firstly, it would be really nice if the font-size could be increased in
| IE5+, preferably using the browser-option, or with a link on the page.
| I'm not blind - but on a smaller screen, running a high resolution, it's
| hardly readable.
| As usability is always promoted fervently on theList, I was surprised to
| find font-size had been fixed.

yes, this was a decision made 18 months ago, when the NN 4.X numbers where
higher and degradability therefor more important than it might be today. as you
probably know, there is a version 3 in the works (still working on the blueprint
though) and this is one of the things that will be tackled there.

| secondly, URLs:
| This is one article:
| http://evolt.org/project_management_glossary/
| and this is another:
| http://evolt.org/article/The_Tao_of_Testing/20/4142/index.html
| So I thought, this would also work:
| http://evolt.org/The_Tao_of_Testing/
| but it doesn't, and the strange thing is, in the search page it shows, the
| article in question is not found by the search.

the difference between the two articles and the reason this short version works
with one and not the other is simple: key phrase.
we implemented the key phrase concept some months back, and with that, the
administrators of submitted articles can apply key phrases to articles.
Sometimes the key phrase is the same as the title (as is with the project
management glossary) but sometimes it isn't (as with the tao of testing) so the
'shortcut' to the tao of testing is actually http://evolt.org/testing/

all the same, i agree with you that the article should of course be found in the
search part of the url system. and that's where someone with higher technical
knowledge of our site has to step in and explain to you.


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