[thesite] February stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Mar 1 14:31:01 CST 2002

Bom dia evoltistas!

Statistics for the short month of February are in for the evolt.org
sites, and even with fewer days, we still broke some records!

Hits: 2.05 million(bing!)
Page Views: 663,900(rounded to nearest 100)
Unique Hosts: 111,903(bing! bing!)
Page views/day: 23,722
Data transfer: 78.5Gb
Data transfer/day: 2.7Gb

digging deeper:

Top 5 refers for the month:
*.google.com (120K referers)
google.yahoo.com (16.5K referers)
google.de (6500 referers.. hello germany!)
google.ca (5850 referers.. take off, eh!)
slashdot.org (5286 referers.. my spambot article #2 got picked up)
Honorable mention: madman.weblogs.com (895 referers from evolt member
madhu melon)

MSIE based browsers continued to dominate with 72.5% of requests on the
evolt.org sites, followed up by Netscape with 10.5%. Opera made 2.60% of
the requests.

On the operating sysytem side of things, Windows based operating systems
increased the percentage of requests made by about 3% to bring it's
total for the month to 76%. Win2k had 36.5% of total requests. Mac based
OS's made about 6.4% of the requests and Unix variants were responsible
for 3.4% of requests. Our friend(s) using an Atari based OS made his/her
precense felt with 4 total requests this month, to bring up the rear :)

Top 5 members.evolt.org accounts this month were marceloslg, djc(w00t!),
rglastra, deadL0ck, and kroet. Last month, I started  picking out one
members.evolt.org account that i think is doing something cool,
interesting, or wierd. dolsen(m.e.o/dolsen) was the inagural winner with
his very interesting site. This month, I'd like to point out Ben Dyer's
site, 'Radical Bender' at
http://members.evolt.org/OKolzig37/beta/index.php - Not only one of the
most entertaining and informative weblogs i've seen in a while, but he's
got links to all your favorite evolters websites too! Nice job Ben, keep
up the good work :)

As always, you can find the whole enchillada at
(For you beancounters, let me know if you see any inconsistancies. The
m.e.o access_log got corrupted when I rotated it, and I had to manually
put together numbers for the hourly m.e.o stats page).

Have fun, um fim de semana agradável amigos!


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