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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat Mar 2 09:55:03 CST 2002


Since I can't give you access .. here are all the most recent files.


A couple of notes ..

(1)  Sorry you don't like the commenting .. feel free to delete it.  Just
remember it was added to cover my ass .. and to keep everyone else that may
need to edit the files in the loop.  There were some "issues" where we were
wondering why something specific was done a certain way, and no comments, so
we had no idea.  Comments were added in my attempt to show a good example of
documenting changes.  Like I said, feel free to delete em all.

(2)  Members.css has been copied over to the meo server.  However, there was
a problem with the .main class that was messing up some textareas in NN4.
So, for this specific and only file, I commented out the line height.  Other
than this one digression, all of the files should be exactly the same.

(3)  Lists.css and slate.css, used for leo and beo respectively, have not
been copied over to their respective sites.  I haven't had time.  The html
needs to be updated on each of the pages in order to get these newer CSS
files to work.  Wasn't a high priority on my list, so, like I said, not been

(4)  You can change the CSS on teo to see each file in action.

I'll leave the files in your capable hands now.



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| for instance, i can re-work the CSS stuff i've been meaning to do if you
| enable my FTP access to the servers...

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