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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 2 12:07:23 CST 2002

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> Since I can't give you access .. here are all the most recent files.
> http://members.evolt.org/Mishka/Styles/index.html

sweet... forgot about this list...

> A couple of notes ..
> (1)  Sorry you don't like the commenting .. feel free to delete it.
> Just remember it was added to cover my ass .. and to keep everyone
> else that may need to edit the files in the loop.  There were some
> "issues" where we were wondering why something specific was done a
> certain way, and no comments, so we had no idea.  Comments were added
> in my attempt to show a good example of documenting changes.  Like I
> said, feel free to delete em all.

actually, i mean the inline commenting within each style... they were
there to help guide jeff on a style change app se he'd have variable names
(suggested) to work with and know where they go...

the other comments i like, although now i'm wondering if there's a better
way to track changes to users don't have to download the extra few

i'm open to suggestions (still love the idea of sourceforge)...

> (2)  Members.css has been copied over to the meo server.  However,
> there was a problem with the .main class that was messing up some
> textareas in NN4. So, for this specific and only file, I commented out
> the line height.  Other than this one digression, all of the files
> should be exactly the same.

this is good to know...

one of the things i wanted to ask folks here is about moving some
attributes out of the main CSS file and calling them via @import... those
attributes would be "line-height", "padding" and "margin" since those are
the styles that hose NN4.x... IOW, is it worth it to split them for the few
NN4.x users we get... Feb stats suggest that only 10.5% of browsers are
netscape, but navigator 4.x doesn't have enough entries to warrant a
listing of its own under the raw numbers...

> (3)  Lists.css and slate.css, used for leo and beo respectively, have
> not been copied over to their respective sites.  I haven't had time.
> The html needs to be updated on each of the pages in order to get
> these newer CSS files to work.  Wasn't a high priority on my list, so,
> like I said, not been done.


> (4)  You can change the CSS on teo to see each file in action.


> I'll leave the files in your capable hands now.


one other question, mostly for jeff (i think)...

what's the status of using the style switcher on teo?  is it something that
v2 will ever see?

i ask because this adjusts how i'll prioritize bringing the other CSS files up
to date...  i still would like to bring them up to date so users can install
and use them if they want, but if there's no general changer, it can wait

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