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[thesite] Fw: [xxxxx] Once More, with Design

> Folks,
> [design/ia wiki snippage]
> At that page you can download Javier's most recent stab at the IA, a
> sample wireframe page, and review all of the suggestions he'd
> previously gathered.

definitely interesting - i think responding to suggestions gathered from
members and/or casual browsers is such a good call - if any redesign is to
take place and gets completed, we should include such suggestions and how we
dealt with them in a "remaking of evolt" article :)

> It'll be helpful if we all review those documents before we start
> discussing things too in-depth.

did anyone actually reply to this?  I think a lot of the responses I've seen
have gotten caught up in stuff about the list subscriber visibility

javier's site map graphics are excellent - very clearly showing the
structure and some of the logic paths taken through the site.  it's good to
know we've got stuff like this ;)

> Javier, would it be okay for me to post the PDF pages as .gif images
> so they're directly accessible through the IA wiki (rather than
> having to download the PDFs)? If so, I'll need you to redo and send
> me the contact wireframe, since most of the numbers on the green
> circles aren't coming out on the PDF.

same here with acrobat reader 5 on win2k ...

> [snip]
> According to the
> http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/FactFindingMission wiki
> pages, the following people have expressed some interest in helping
> with information architecture and site design:

whoops, forgot to chuck my name on that puppy, and i'm sitting on a plane
right now, so can't mod the wiki - consider me interested too.

> [snip]
> A while back I threw out an idea about a redesign contest (after we
> get the specs worked out, natch). That was shot down but never
> elaborated on. If you think it's a stupid idea, fine; just let's talk
> about why, and what might work better.

I don't - i think it's actually quite a good idea - it'll get all our
creative juices flowing and it would also be interesting to see how everyone
thinks evolt should look, feel and flow.

> It'd certainly get more
> designers involved in evolt.org

oh totally - definitely a nice bonus.

> [snip]
> (Any winning design would be more
> of the starting point than an end-all-be-all final design.


great work miriam - thanks!

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