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I'm forwarding this to theforum.  I don't believe that we have any
policy in place.  There has been talk in the past, I believe, but
nothing was decided.


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Hi Gang,

(I'm not sure if my account has been reactivated for this list 
or not.  If not, please forward.)

I ran into one of our advertising folks from the HP Factory Outlet 
while in a training class the other week. I spoke with them, briefly, 
about a possible advertising opportunity that would allow them to 
reach an international group of web designers who are often asked 
to make hardware recommendations.  *evolt*

This isn't the primary corporate advertising channel - this is a 
separate small group that works with the factory outlet store.

I have a name, email addy, and a phone number.  They are willing to listen.  

Do we have a "pitch"?  Have we defined advertising placement 
opportunities?  Sponsor benefits? Pricing?

Who wants to help run with this?


Here's the factory outlet store:

evolt.org wiki:
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