[thesite] request for google blocking meta tag in archive post

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Fri Feb 7 20:43:00 CST 2003

Just wanted to weigh in here, mostly agree with William:

- thelist archive + google = very helpful for developers in and outside 
the evolt community.
- the equation above applies to anything on-topic, site checks are 
- regarding posts critical of clients that name that client .... well 
that's just stoopid.
- one has the option of asking for site critiques to only be sent 
directly to the poster.
- I hardly ever follow site check threads unless I've participated in 
them, which I rarely have ... perhaps thecheck at lists.evolt.org? I keep 
on threatening to buy a laptop and donate my Intel tower to evolt, 
perhaps I will live up to my threat.
Erik Mattheis
GoZz Digital
Flash and ColdFusion Development
Minneapolis, MN

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