[thesite] request for google blocking meta tag in archive post

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Feb 8 03:00:15 CST 2003

Richard Bennett wrote:
> [snip]
> > The list is public.  The list archive is public.  Consider yourself
> > warned.
> I realise that now, so of course I won't be asking for anymore
> site-checks. I just thought that as there was a simple solution to
> rectify my previous errors, a quick, polite note to the evolt admins
> would suffice...

As I have said to you in another post, instead of posting your precious site
URL to thelist, use a URL redirection service such as tinyurl.com to provide
access to the site you want people to see.  The request you asked does not
have a 'simple' solution, as it requires someone to manually go through the
posts you mentioned and butcher them.

A 'nocache' request solution is also likely less than simple to implement -
how do you distinguish from someone just saying the required keyword?  what
happens if someone uses the correct syntax incorrectly, then requiring an
evoltadmin to manually rectify the situation?

Please remember that none of us manage evolt as a full time concern, we do
this in our precious spare time, and by the grace of $deity, we manage just
fine at the moment, but in my own personal opinion, we really don't need
these types of requests clogging our time.  Other admins opinions may vary.
Your statutory rights are not affected.  Do not use while damp.  Insert only
as directed.

ps, please consider changing the separators you use to demarcate previous
reply content in your messages, to something more standard, such as >

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