[thesite] request for google blocking meta tag in archive post

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Sat Feb 8 12:13:05 CST 2003

<----- Original Message -----
<From: "William Anderson" <neuro at well.com>
<As I have said to you in another post, instead of posting your precious
<URL to thelist, use a URL redirection service such as tinyurl.com to
<access to the site you want people to see.
That's a good solution for the future.

<The request you asked does not
<have a 'simple' solution, as it requires someone to manually go through the
<posts you mentioned and butcher them.
<A 'nocache' request solution is also likely less than simple to implement -
<how do you distinguish from someone just saying the required keyword?  what
<happens if someone uses the correct syntax incorrectly, then requiring an
<evoltadmin to manually rectify the situation?
<Please remember that none of us manage evolt as a full time concern, we do
<this in our precious spare time, and by the grace of $deity, we manage just
<fine at the moment, but in my own personal opinion, we really don't need
<these types of requests clogging our time.  Other admins opinions may vary.
<Your statutory rights are not affected.  Do not use while damp.  Insert
<as directed.

Ok, fine. Thanks for explaining your position.

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