[thelist] Web Architecture, anyone?

javier javier at msm.cl
Mon Jul 17 09:55:16 CDT 2000


Since nobody's answered yet, i'm asking again
it would really be a useful topic, i think...

i'd also ask, what sotware do you use?

rudy limeback wrote:

> forwarding note from javier who is temporarily unable to post to the list
> (he left a mail message on the evolt site)
> please respond to mantruc at admin.evolt.org, or better yet, please respond to
> thelist if you have a good answer to "how do you map this stuff" that
> others might benefit from....
> >Hi All:
> >
> >Say HI if you daily work on planning some large websites!
> >i am nowdays dedidated to plan huge and complex sites,
> >we work in a team of 4: marketing, journalism, engineering,
> >and mass comunication + design (me)
> >
> >We are currently revisiting our methodology and document output,
> >i'd love to know evolters who do this kind of stuff...
> >
> >Our report currently includes: cover, index, intro (client, objetcives,
> solution),
> >content hierarchy map (explained), navmap (explained), and functionality
> diagram,
> >functinality descriptions (separated as commercial, user centered,
> administrative, backend
> >requirements) and page/template drafts + descriptions.
> ><----! we should also add a "labeling" chapter -------->
> >
> >What systems have you worked with?
> >How do you map this stuff?
> >
> >???
> >
> >Cheers
> >javier
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