[thelist] cf redirection

Czechowski, Aaron aczechowski at towson.edu
Mon Jul 17 11:16:37 CDT 2000

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> From: Daniel J. Cody [mailto:dcody at oracular.com]
> you could use an http-equiv="refresh" - although I'm sure there are
> other ways, thats not the worst one to use.

but a http-equiv meta tag has to reside in the header, correct?  the way the
page is written, it's basically like this:<!--

  <cfcase1> content for action page 1
  <cfcase2> content for action page 2
  <cfcase3> content for action page 3

So there is ONE head for all of the cases.  so i'd have to have one meta
http-equiv tag for all the cases, just like all pages have the same title.

Aaron  :)

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