[thelist] Grammar tips

Villano, Paul VillanoP at usachcs.army.mil
Mon Jul 17 12:48:21 CDT 2000

I thought it was on this list that we just discussed this issue but it must
have been another.  Grammar does count.  It denotes credibility.  If I'm
visiting your page to download software you've developed, yet the code on
your page or your spelling is full of errors, chances are there are errors
in your software code as well.  If you're so sloppy that you can't run a
spell check on your page (available in most editors of both text and code),
you are too lazy to do a good job with my business, my credit card, my
software, etc.

Having said all that, I am fully aware of the perils involved in pointing
out typos and grammar errors.  I recently sent a ranting internal e-mail in
response to being misquoted and said that the people involved were stuck in
"Symantics-ville"...obviously confusing and combining the software company
with the word semantics.  Grin.  You can be assured that whenever you send a
critical e-mail, you will have something in there that will "come back to
bite you."

Paul Villano, USACHCS, "For God and Country!"
PERSONAL QUOTE:  Make the most of every moment! 

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