[thelist] Flash Genius (Was: Tremendously simple use of flash...)

H. G. Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Tue Jul 18 07:47:41 CDT 2000

I agree with you 100% on your assessment of Gary Davis'
talents.  His portfolio is amazing.  I spent an hour and
a half on his site a couple of months ago.  Except for
Todd Purguson's work, Gary Davis's is the only Flash
work I am completely amazed and delighted by, every
time, every time.

dante wrote:

> I found this a while ago.
> I believe him to be the best flash artist I've seen.
> http://home.mpinet.net/dgarystudios/
> Thanks,
>                 dante

Heather Quinn
hgquinn at attglobal.net

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