[thelist] How would you respond to this client

Roger Newbrook roger.newbrook at mari.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 08:46:51 CDT 2000

	very carefully i think!! I would expect the threat to "learn
himself" over the winter is somewhat empty, just an attempt to bully you. I
would also think that copyright of the design is yours, especially until
handover is complete and you have been paid in full, so if he did decide to
do it himself you would have legal comeback if he used your design without
your permission, not sure whether that is applicable to any inherent
functionality though.

	I think a lot is dependant upon your original contract with the
client. I have found over time that keeping a diary of agreed milestones and
agreed delivery dates of info/images (from the client) along with the actual
delivery dates is very useful in situations like this if things get a little
nasty. A contract is a two way thing, the client has responsibilities as
well as the developer. This may not be particularly helpful in the current
situation :( but may help in the future.

> So tell me how you would respond comments like this:
> I need this  web site completed now.  It
> > should not take weeks for 
> > a change to be made.  Hours, yes days & weeks no.  
> > I sent you a check a 
> > day or two ago----I want the site moved to
> > concentric.  I want it put 
> > together the way we talked originaly and soon.   At
> > this point I have spent 
> > alot of time on a useless site. PLEASE polish this
> > site or I will just 
> > abandon the whole idea until I have time over the
> > winter to learn myself.

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