[thelist] Eudora (Migration from Netscape Mail)

Jay Fitzgerald jayfitz at bayou.com
Thu Jul 20 07:55:25 CDT 2000

That is an excellent point.... I also need the multiple personality capabilities of
Eudora and I tried importing the same way about a month ago. Because of the fact that I
still have not figured out a way to do this, I have migrated back to trusty old Netscape.
If anyone out there on the list knows of a way that us users who have the urge to become
schizophrenic communicators, please let the world know.

Thank you

Anthony Baratta wrote:

> For you Eudora users out there.....
> I've been a semi-loyal Netscape Mail user since waaaay back when. Now due to job
> circumstances I need the multiple personalities capabilities of Eudora. (I will not
> move to Outlook or Outlook Express.)
> I have Eudora 4.3.2 (paid versus ads) installed but it does not want to import my
> Netscape 4.7x mailbox. According to Eudora's website they only support upto Netscape
> 4.2. (I can't think that the mail format changed any during the 4.x series that would
> stop it from being migratable.) All ways to run the import procedure via Eudora don't
> get me where I want. Either the functionality listed in the help files is
> non-existant or greyed out.
> I don't want to abandon 4+ years of mail folders. Any clues, ideas, or whacks up side
> the head are appreciated.
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