[thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed?

Peter Small peter at genps.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 09:45:54 CDT 2000


I shouldn't expect the role of the general practitioner will disappear at
all. But, Web presence is getting progressively more sophisticated and to
be able to build any kind of really profitable niche I think you would have
to specialise in some area.

There is a very big demand at the moment for just about anyone who can
string a bit of HTML together, but, I can't see this phase lasting.

Just a personal opinion though.


>On 7/20/00,  regarding " RE: [thelist] Are Web designers a dying breed? ",
>martin burns offered the following:
>>> 'the knowledge needed has
>>> expanded
>>> to such a vast amount that nobody can possibly have all the knowledge
>>> that
>>> is essential to know'. This makes it imperative that people learn to
>>> work
>>> with niche specialists - even the niche specialists themselves.
>>If it's not your core competence, then for goodness' sake outsource it to
>>someone who can do it really well.
>So... if I follow this correctly, the general concensus is that the day of
>the 'general practitioner' is waning?  In other words... I am in the middle
>of learning how to integrate a Filemaker/ Lasso solution.  Never done it
>before... hope to do it agian.  However, my 'core competence' (such as it
>is) would have to be more along the lines of design/ GUI... and even there,
>I am far less 'competent than many folks on this list. I have a steadly
>stream of clients... and they seem to be reasonably pleased (the cheques
>always clear!).  Is my particular form of enterprise doomed?
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