[thelist] Need web hosting suggestions

Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com
Fri Jul 21 09:30:46 CDT 2000

Something I posted a few weeks ago:

I've recently signed up (after seeing a recommendation on thelist several months
ago) with http://www.crystaltech.com/ .

For $20/month, you get an awful lot.  (they have bigger plans, of course, but
their lowest one is $20).

For $20, you get unlimited DSNs (within reason), CF hosting, FTP access,
something like 250 MB or space, 3 GB/month of transfer.

Also, if you want to be a reseller, they don't charge you a fee.  They give you
a discount for each additional site you host with them (so you can bill your
clients the $20/month while you pay less than that), and the discount gets
bigger with a greater number of sites.

So far, I've had no complaints with my personal site (
http://www.scottbrady.net/ ), but then, I haven't really been checking down
time.  It's been up every time I've checked it, if that means anything. And, I
just started up a new commercial site, so we'll see how that goes.


Brent Martino <brent at fusemarketing.com> on 07/20/2000 01:37:52 PM

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Hello all,
I know this has been a thread before but I didn't find to much in the
I have about a dozen different client sites that are currently at several
different hosting companies. What I really need is one good host, preferably
one that has access to cold fusion  I have looked into Interland and they
seemed ok. Does anyone have any other suggestions.
Brent Martino
Fuse Integrated Marketing
brent at fusemarketing

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