[thelist] [thelist]Drop down form thing

Steve Maxey smaxey at bcr.com
Fri Jul 21 12:05:00 CDT 2000

At 06:30 PM 7/20/00 -0400, you wrote:

>Hello evolt-ers.
>         I am creating a page with three separate drop down form thingys 
> ...each
>with 8 or so menu items. ...all lined up nice and happy.    Client wants
>them all to be the same "width" ...which seems to be determined by the
>length of the longest menu item within the drop down form thingy.  Anybody
>know of a way to get them all looking pretty and same size?

Uses spaces to make them all the same number of characters.

>Another thing while I'm on the drop down form thingy....I have created a
>button for the user to hit when the selection has been made called
>"go"...(original!)  ...anyway, it seems that Netscape on the Mac can't deal
>with "Onclick" ...what is up with that????  I'm now using OnMouseover
>...which is a totally different user experience.  People like to "CLICK"
>....man...none of this mouseover wimpiness!!!

Why not use the submit button? Then you can have a CGI/ASP redirect script 
to handle submissions for those users with Javascript turned off

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