[thelist] CF: The best way to learn Fusebox

Frank framar at interlog.com
Sun Aug 27 13:51:35 CDT 2000

Allright. I've decided that I'm going to adopt the Fusebox 
convention. Now I've got a dozen or so apps that I've created since 
my first newbie app to todays, where I'm a competent intermediate.

Question 1:
What would you recommend as a gentle path to learning the spec from 
scratch? (I'm at the stage where I understand what I'm doing, what 
options are available to me, but I still have to think of each little 
thing I do, as opposed to instinctively letting my fingers to the 

Question 2:
Is there a way of retrofitting without doing a 100% rebuild of each app?

Question 2:
In retrofitting, what are the sort of pitfalls I might look out for?


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