[thelist] Re: movie compression software

John McKenzie jmck at mac.com
Wed Sep 6 18:59:11 CDT 2000

 "J. Ross Dishner" <ross at designcc.com> wrote:

> I've got a :30 commercial a client would like to put out as a
> download. I hooked the old VCR up to my Mac and brought it in and
> recorded it using Movie Player. Obviously It has no compression as
> it's 35 Megs of pure fat. Anybody know of any free or share ware (I
> plan on doing this once although I may be able to get them to
> purchase a modestly priced commercial program) stuff that can smoosh
> and smash this thing down.

QuickTime will do this. You may need the "Pro" version, which is $29.95.
Open the file in QT Player, and when you save, you can choose from quite a
few different codecs. Sorenson is good. It should reduce that down to 1-2

To pay your money, go to Control Panels > Quick Time Settings > Registration
> Register Online.

I don't know of any free way to do this, sorry. If iMovie is still available
for download from http://www.apple.com, it will compress footage, but
getting non-Firewire input is tricky, if I remember right...

John McKenzie
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