[thelist] New Netscape Bug

Joshua OIson joshuao at alphashop.com
Thu Sep 28 15:15:42 CDT 2000

Yep, encountered the same problem with Heading tags.  And dealt with it the
same way.  Btw, I was using Netscape 4.75  So it probably is not just a 4.72


> I deleted this. Problem disappeared!
> I was trying to tighten up the margin following these heading lines. It
> didn't work at any setting. So, now, I will just replace all H1 tags with
> <span class="H1"> and hope that works. It's a burdensome workaround. So,
> this is really two bugs. The printing problem and the failure of margin
> properties to work properly in heading tags.
> Maybe someone else has dealt with this.
> Grumble.

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