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> (zero response on wedesign-l, trying here)
> We use VSS for managing version control (both Win32 and Mac clients) -
> work will be on a live site.
> the VSS __Client__ can FTP to the offsite server for me when I check
> files in. But this is not supported by the Mac version (by metrowerks)
> And even if it was I'm worried some bright spark will be in 
> too much of
> a hurry and go round the back of VSS and FTP directly.
> Anyone any recommendations? 

We ran into a similar problem with VSS at McDonnell Douglas. Unfortunately, 
the best solution we could come up with was to make every developer 
*completely aware* that they *had* to follow the procedures for publishing 
to the production site.

Depending on how far you are willing to go with this, however, there are a 
couple of things you could try. First, you could implement a policy of 
completely uploading the site to the production server periodically 
(weekly? daily?). The first time that this wipes out some "bright spark"'s 
work, they will become painfully aware of their failure to follow 
publishing procedure. However, this may end up ruining some needed 
work/correction and possibly savagely irritating your clients. :( Second, 
if you have a staging and a production server, you could end up doing what 
we eventually did. Everyone has rights to muck, with the staging server all 
they want. But only "you" would have the ability to take code to the 
production server. However, you're gonna need a beeper for those weekend 
emergencies when someone needs code put out fast. Of course, this helps you 
test your code first. Third, lock down your FTP site so noone but you has 
the password and don't publish through VSS.


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