[thelist] I Could Really Use A Page Check

Miraz Jordan miraz at firstbite.co.nz
Mon Oct 30 23:28:33 CST 2000

At 21:03 -0800 30/10/2000, Patricia Meeks wrote:
>What I'd like to know is:
>1) How does it look on a Mac (font size, etc.)?

Works nicely for me on my Mac (and cable modem, so yes, it's fast). 
Tested in Internet Explorer 5, iCab Preview 2.x (an up and coming web 
browser which doesn't yet support style sheets) and WannaBe 
(text-only). Worked fine in all of them.

I did notice that some pages have a *lot* of empty space at the 
bottom of the page.

Curiosity: when I followed the dead links the File Not Found page was 
in type that was too small to read.



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