[thelist] Big Time Help/Info needed

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Oct 31 00:37:36 CST 2000

Gene - 

If you're trying to ban the user 'Guess' from the IP
don't ban that specific IP addres.. But ban the entire class C subnet as
well. In other words, ban

Typically, a user dialing in(as others have mentioned alread) to an ISP
will get a different IP address each time they dial in. However, there
is a limit on how many distinct IP's a person can be assigned by an ISP.
Banning all of 216.65.106.* should take care of that person for you. If
you notice the person post from a different IP address - that is,
dissimilar to 216.65.106 - ban that class c subnet (x.x.x.*) as well.
Sooner or later you'll get the person, since there is a finite number of
IP's they can be assigned..

Shout if you need more help..


Gene Arcamonte wrote:
> Hi, I have an unusual chat-site at www.hbchat.com
> The chat pages are at: http://www.hbchat.com/Pages/gbook_1.html
> It has received approx 5,000 hits and has two main
> pages which each recieve and average of 100-130
> posts a day. I also have a feature that lets me ban
> select IP address. I have banned this guy quite often:
> .... Peace, and Good Bud To All,
> -----------------------------------------------
> This guy is really F'ing this up. I may have to just drop the whole thing.
> How is he able to grab a different IP everytime. Is there a program
> he uses? Does anyone know what it is?

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