Tips for my stupidity (WAS RE: [thelist] Access+ASP: database connection error)

Scott Dexter sgd at
Thu Nov 2 10:28:31 CST 2000

> tip>
>      This is probably obvious to many people, but when 
> working on big projects
> (particularly if you're part of a team), it's a really good 
> idea to use some
> sort of version control software (such as Visual SourceSafe). 
>  It can really
> save your hide (particularly if you accidentally delete/screw 
> up a file).
> /tip>

I love tip threads =)

<tip type="followup">
Visual InterDev and web pages and IIS4 and Visual Source Safe don't play
together. Sure, they look like they do, and even change the icons and all
that, but there is no source control enforced on web pages. Win2K and IIS5
is better about it though


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