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Mon Nov 20 14:02:33 CST 2000

Offhand, the "easy" way is to create a redirect page with zero seconds of
for each popup link. So...the link is really a redirect which has its own
javascript for the popup (and closes itself as well).

Nahh, that's not as easy. Is it? *grin*

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assumption: popups are being used properly (which is debatable, but another

I have a list of names, each of which is a link that opens a popup window.
When you click on a name I want it to change to the vlink color.  The first
of the 3 examples below works as long as I stay on the page, but as soon as
I leave and come back the names are all the original link color.

< a href="javascript:popup(...
< a href="#" onclick="javascript:popup(...
< a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:popup(...

Any suggestions on the interaction between vlink and popups?

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