[thelist] please trim your posts

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Feb 2 18:23:39 CST 2001

trim, people -- please trim your posts!

quote only relevant portions of messages you are replying to, and delete
the rest

this cuts down the size of the digest and makes it easier to distinguish
the actual response from the post being replied to

thank you on behalf of the digesters and anyone who pays for phone
connection by the minute

one of the many happy evolt admins

<tip type="intranet"
  comment="because i had it lying around>

want a cheap yet fancy "up arrow" (you know, for those links you see on
longer web pages that say "back to top")?

this works only if your target audience is on windows

  <p align=right>
  <a href="#top">back to top<span

[ tee hee! ]

if you need it to be backwards-compatible to non-css browsers, i guess you
could use the dreaded <font> tag, but without css it'll be underlined,
which kind of spoils the effect...


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