[thelist] regexp question - backpedalling on macIE5

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Fri Apr 6 15:13:40 CDT 2001

Anyone know what's up with MacIE5 and the RegExp object?
Maybe it's some entirely unrelated error, but when I try this page:


which is based closely on an example taken from MS's documentation:

..MacIE5 shows no indication of knowing what RegExp.lastMatch,
rightContext (etc) is?
Yet, apparently MacIE5 has the same javascript/jscript/ecmascript
support as WinIE5

It does show me lastIndex, so I can workaround if I have to... but I
fail to understand why the regexp support would differ, when the
javascript engine is a straight port of that in WinIE?


> while(re.test(str)) { with(RegExp) {
>         inputStr = str; str=rightContext;
>         /*
>            lastMatch (property of the RegExp object) is just that.
>            lastMatch.length would tell me the length of the match (# repeating
> etc...

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