[thelist] email address harvesters

Ed Shuck edshuck at noevalley.com
Sat Apr 14 22:50:08 CDT 2001


i do not know how but i know of what you refer.

i have pacbell.net as an isp but he.net as a hosting service with two URLs,
one of which is noevalley.com.  the spam seems to go directly to he.net
(95+%).  i just del it.  it is as though they are blind to the URL but not
to the hosting.  so i think( but do not know) that the spammer is harvesting
the host for their clients.  or may be paying a client of the host for the


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> I seem to have had my email address harvested from my site alot recently.
> I'm wondering if anyone could tell me whether the spammers look for the
> rendered text or the code? I've seen people doing "name at site dot org"
> with the regular email address in the href. Are they just being cheecky or
> are they fooling someone?
> - amanda
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