[thelist] Perfectionist...

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon May 7 02:13:26 CDT 2001

>My problem is, I've been through 8 revisions of my site (literally. I
>have all 8 layouts) in the past two months, and I keep scrapping them
>after about a week even though I get nothing but good comments about
>them. I just keep thinking I can do better...

When that's happened to me I eventually realized that the design is 
too complex, but I'm attached to the work I put into coming up with 
it ... it's like a snowball effect ... I don't like it, maybe if I 
did THIS too, oh now it needs THIS, and wouldn't THIS be cool ... 
maybe start over with a single block of color in your 
drawing/painting app and add just a few of your favorite elements 
from all the work you've done already.

Favorite design tenet: Simplicity is sophistication.
Second best: 3's and thirds.
- Erik Mattheis

"Everything's better"
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