[thelist] flash detection

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon May 7 19:36:58 CDT 2001

i love this debate about flash

i remember when the argument was whether or not an *image* added anything
to the so-called "information content" of a web page

oh, sure, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but to look at
most web sites, you'd think images were only just so much eye candy --
logos, horizontal rules that look like rainbows, flapping flags...

remember when image rollovers first showed up?  sheesh, the purists said,
how are the visitors supposed to know those are actually links you have to
click on?  images are evil incarnate!!  all links have to be blue and

you can build crappy designs with images, you can use flash, you can use
microsoft proprietary tags, you can use whatever you want...

surely the tool itself is not to blame

crap is crap

hmmm, i wonder what the penetration of image-capable browsers is....

i want all of you anti-flash folks to turn your images off for twenty-four
hours... go ahead, i dare you... see if you can do it...

by the way, i used to be seriously nonplussed by flash, but now i think
it's great, just great

no, i'm not being sarcastic

i have kids

before flash, i had to download huge executables (urrrgh), unzip them,
virus check them, install them...

now the kids just go to the games sites and play there


all flash, as far as i know

i dream of having enough free time to learn flash and build a movie of what
goes on behind the scenes in a three-way table join....

maybe illustrate the right way to run a flood left pass pattern for the
guys on my football team...

[sigh]  i guess in the meantime, i'll stick to words...

... and maybe the odd image   =o)


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