[thelist] [DHTML] pixelLeft in IE5

Joseph A Borg tech at az-ink.com.mt
Wed May 23 06:07:02 CDT 2001

I have struggled too long with this:

trying to move a position:relative <div> clipped in an other <div> ...

>to move <div id='gallery'>:
    function gallery (MYitem, x) { //...
    position = document.all.gallery.style.pixelLeft;
    document.all.gallery.style.pixelLeft = position + Number(x);

>with button:
    <a href="javascript:void(0)" alt="left"

I am focusing on IE 4+ (Mac) for now. This works in IE4.0.1 but gets busted
in IE5. It seems as if the block moves absolute to window instead of
relative to its container but when the mouse moves off the button it
refreshes to the correct position.


ps I have been trying to find some solution on the web for days to no
avail... (I ordered Javascript Bible ed.4 but will be here in 2 weeks+)

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