[thelist] System question...........

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 4 15:15:38 CDT 2001

> From: <sales at iibiz.com>
> 3 years, eh?  The average with people in my circle seems to be about 2
> years.......and things just start to get consistently instable and
> quirky. Some examples:

4.5 year-old machine, win98... rebuilt twice (on 2 year 
anniversaries), not because it needed it, but because it ensures i'm 
maximizing my system... hasn't been rebooted in 2 months, and 
that was only cuz i turned it off to go to SXSW... otherwise, 6 
month intervals...

that being said, this post is *wildly* off-topic...

which means i need to include a <tip>... and so do the rest of you...

<tip type="photoshop">
Remember that you can ctrl-click a layer in Photoshop to select all 
non-transparent pixels.  This is handy to find stray pixels you may 
have missed while erasing parts of an image.  To see them easily, 
add a heavy shadow from the layer effects menu, and see if any 
shadows pop-up where you thought it was transparent.

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