[thelist] IIS - Non-English Users

Andy Waite Andy.Waite at company-net.com
Wed Aug 8 05:15:56 CDT 2001

I'm working on an extranet site written in ASP running on IIS (NT4). We had
a user try log in from Turkey with 'testadmin' as his NT User ID using
MSIE5. He could not login (authentication error), even though it was working
fine for everyone else. We looked the event logs and found this:

Event message could not be found, but contained these strings: testadmýn,

(in case this doesn't come through correctly, the i in admin is coming
through as a y with a accent on it).

This looks like some kind of character set or locale issue but we have no
idea how to fix it. Has anyone came across this kind of thing before?

Andy Waite <andy.waite at company-net.co.uk>
Database Web Developer, Company Net

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