[thelist] bug in ie/nt with post method of form?

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Thu Aug 23 13:33:55 CDT 2001

I see that you are uploading a file, and I recently noticed that IE 5 Mac
does odd things when submitting an enctype="multipart/form-data" form.
Example: when passing a hidden field or radio button, it would at least add
white-space to the values. Didn't check to see what else it was doing, just
trimmed the variables and that solved my particular problem.

You can take that filefield out, change the enctype and see what happens,
which i 9blindly) bet will fix it - but then you still need to upload the
file. I guess I don't have an answer, just a first step in de-bugging...


> From: ".jeff" <jeff at members.evolt.org>

> hey,
> not usually much of a question asker, more of a contributor, but i'm up
> against a deadline and don't have time to research this happening elsewhere
> although i swear i've heard of it.
> got the following browser:
> Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT 5.0)
> submitting a form in one of our administrative applications.  the weird
> thing is that it seems to be doubling up the form field values on some (but
> not all of the fields.

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