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:  I have been asked to look into building an extranet or some sort of client
: review area on our web site. I have no idea what software is available to
: build this or if I should go with a custom built solution. We are an Ad
: Agency so my boss wants to be able to do things like post pdf's of printed
: pieces for client approval and post project status as well as get client
: feedback online. The other thing they want is for all of the project
: managers to be able to administer the system so it would need a simple front
: end that requires no HTML knowledge. Oh and did I mention they want it to be
: fairly inexpensive? of course)
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groove.net - would do all this for you, & there is a free download

it has a notepad, file upload area, instant messaging, chat facility,
even a chess game!

it has proved invaluable to us, as we are 5 who all work remotely, and
because of groove, instead of having fortnightly meetings we can
pretty much do everything through groove, telephone & email - and much
fewer meetings (which i love cos i'm not a 'meetings' fan!!)


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