[thelist] User cant see page

Andrew Williams arw_gatch at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 04:05:22 CDT 2001


I'm using IE5.01, without Flash. 

I do eventually get the portal.asp page, but it was a
long time coming (30-40 secs)- my (browser) screen was
blank for this time and the status bar said 'Done'.
The cursor was still hour-glassing and the title bar
said 'Please wait'. 

Perhaps the user was confused into thinking nothing
else was going to happen and just gave up?
(Incidentally, I'd have given up even though I could
tell something was still going on).

Try and find out more about their browser/os
combination. Also, what speed of connection do they
have? Is there a firewall involved? 



Andrew Williams

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