[thelist] Overdue tips :-)

Ed Shuck edshuck at noevalley.com
Fri Oct 12 12:47:12 CDT 2001

I have a lot of overdue tips so let me begin by hitching here.

Centering a page in both IE and NS is sometimes a problem.
To defeat this, and i may not be the first.,  so please forgive)
<center><dir align="center"> ...put the page here...  </dir></center>

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> Hi all,
> You all give such great tips, I've been saving as many as I can and I know
> that being a newbie, I am way overdue so I thought I would post one that
> just help me a little with creating a web calendar.
> <tip="Web calendar" author="Bob Boisvert">
> When wanting a quick and easy calendar, use Microsoft Outlook calendar
> feature and save it as a web page in the designated web directory. Your
> clients can update this themselves given the opportunity in design. Other
> mail clients may also have this feature. The save as web page feature in
> Outlook does produce a frame.
> </tip>
> Some of you may know about this already but I thought I would throw it out
> in the open since I'm way overdue for tipping.
> Bob
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