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Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Nov 5 15:35:35 CST 2001

Or if you are using a higher end adapter, such as a GeForce2 or 3,
(VooDoo5500 also did this, not sure of the others).  Some of the
manufacturers have taken the liberty to rearrange the screens, add tabs,
subtract others, or ever provide an secondary application to make the
settings.  If this is the case, the manufacturers web site will probably
have some helpful information on where to find the adjustments.

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From: Todd Tyler
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Or the correct driver may already be installed with Windows. On the
'Monitors' tab, hit the 'Change' button and see if you can find your monitor
in there. If you don't see your exact model, one close to yours may work

> This usually occurs when windows doesn't have the correct drivers
> installed for the monitor, so it doesn't know what rates the monitor can
> support.
> poke around your monitor manufacturer's site and see if you can find the
> right drivers.

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