[thelist] Win98 html page as background

Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 00:32:51 CST 2001

>I strongly recommend against this. Using a web page as a 
>destabilizes Win98 to an extreme. 

For what it's worth, my Win98 is so unstable that it really
doesn't matter. It no longer turn the power off, but
restarts instead when I shut it down, and if I turn the
monitor off and leave it off for a while (30 minutes or so)
when I turn it back on it works for a few seconds then goes
blank with a line of different coloured pixels along the

Anyway, if no one knows how to get the apps to just run, I
guess I'll go back to using shortcut keys. The only problem
being, I'm starting to run out of letters, lol.

<tip type="degradability" author="Lachlan Cannon">
While it's all well and good employing cutting edge
technology in your site, making sure everyone with access
to the net can access the content is important. Download a
copy of lynx and check whether you can still read the
content and navigate, if you can then there is a good
chance it will degrade well to all devices.

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