[thelist] Dots (.) in image file names

Magnus Østergaard magnus at slackware.adsl.dk
Fri Mar 15 11:25:00 CST 2002

Syed Zeeshan Haider wrote:
> If yes, is it really a way to prevent the illegal use of images? Can I
> rename images on my site with two or three dots (like image.any.jug) for
> the same purpose?

You can name your images what ever you like. The program /OS should look
at the file and not the name.

Since Windows looks at the file name, and .file names are much easier to
remember even if you use Linux/UN*X. I'd stick to .jpg .png etc. when
naming files.

To me all the CNN images seems fine, using Netscape 4.77.

On Linux there is a program called "file" that determine file type. On
Windows you could just open the file in a text editor and the first line
will say what kind of images it is. (If it is an image :-)

.gif will have GIF, .png PNG, and .jpg JFIF somewhere in the file.

As others have said, changing file name will not stop people from
copying you images.

Magnus Østergaard

"If you can find ANYONE who agrees with me 100% on everything
 then... well... you've found _me_"

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