[thelist] real men code by hand...

maurice maurice at graciebarra.be
Sun Mar 17 05:31:01 CST 2002

I can see your point of being able to code anywhere, but when I'm at home or
at work I'll be using BBEdit or Homesite.
Why on earth would anyone code using _only_ notepad?
BBEdit may not know html better than you, but it's syntax checker will beat
you anytime of the day in checking your code real fast. Unless of course you
are the mozart of htmlcodes and you make no mistakes, ever.
Color coding is usefull, so is things like inserting DTDs instead of opening
onather page in notepad and copy/paste it to your current document.


on 17-03-2002 08:52, aardvark at roselli at earthlink.net wrote:
> real men don't need color-coding...  real women don't need those men,
> either...
> anyway, i'm one of those odd users won't take the time to configure a text
> editor to not auto-indent or auto-complete or not stick tabs and buttons in my
> face or not pretend it knows HTML better than i...
> notepad is everywhere -- on my home machine, on the laptop i found at the
> coffee shop, on my client's servers, on my parents' machine...  learn to
> master notepad, and every computer is a pit-stop coding workstation for those
> long days in the big blue room when you just can't get that block of code out
> of your head... stop for a coffee and a code dump, and move on to the next
> court-mandated community service gig... that's the freedom notepad allows....
> oh, and in case i haven't mentioned this enough in the past year, i hate
> WYSIWYGs... won't let any of my employees use 'em, and make clients sign
> off that i'm clear if they should open the work i hand over in a WYSIWYG...

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