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Fri May 3 23:57:01 CDT 2002

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> I have been approached by a group to some work for this site:
> ...http://www.canadiandrugawareness.com
> ...but it looks an awful lot like this site:
> ...http://www.theantidrug.com
> ...The group has claimed no affiliations to others, but it is
> ...beginning to
> ...scream site theft.
> ...What do you think?
> </snip>

Ok - so many people have already responded to this but I couldn't keep it
in ---- HOLY SHOOT!!!!

If I were in that situation I would have a hard time knowing what to do.
Some good ideas out there - but one that would really show you as a
professional is explaining to this company the seriousness of site theft.
After talking with them about all this and what you can do for them - and
they STILL don't want to change things then I would simply not work for

Watch out for yourself most of all though. Even if you have a contract - you
could still be caught in the whole mess from a public eye. Just be careful -
sometimes it's just best to walk away from a project.

Good Luck.

Aaron Schaap

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