[thelist] Decoding web browser types in log files

Feingold Josh S Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov
Wed May 8 10:52:36 CDT 2002

[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
>Even though I know it is very difficult for any one person/organization to
>compile a universal list of what must be thousands of HTTP_USER_AGENT
>is there a decent list out there somewhere that I can reference?

AFAIK you can tweak your browser to report what you want.  I don't know how,
but I am pretty sure you can.  So unless it is a default USER_AGENT code
from a browser there is little change of identifying what the browser is.

There is a list of many USER_AGENT and their properties in the BrowsCap.ini
file many IIS machines use.  Do a search, and you should find a pretty
updated one.



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