[thelist] Simple question? Maybe? HTML Help basically...

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon May 13 09:39:01 CDT 2002

> From: "Eating Cheetos" <king_galen at hotmail.com>
> I want the color to fade from top to bottom...  I want the background
> color to be darkish blue at the top of the page and as you go down the
> page I want the background color to lighten towards white. I do not
> want to do this with a bloated image file being called, I want it to
> be html. I don't want the page, when loaded, to fade from one color to
> the next, I can do that, I want it to be a background that is faded.

you're pretty much stuck with an image...  now, you can use an
image with the gradient built in (or a .png with alpha transparency,
but support is minimal), and CSS to control how it tiles, but
straight HTML can't do it...

also, keep in mind how a dark blue to white gradient will make your
text look on the page -- it could make the text unreadable in certain
parts, depending on the text color you select...

> <html>
> <body bgcolor=#66FFFF>
> *current text*
> </body></html> <-- </html> might not be needed
> <body><body bgcolor="new color">

this approach is right out... not only will it not work, but it may also
hose how some browsers render the page...

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