Height attribute on TABLE (was Re: [thelist] Accesibility Tip)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 12 11:20:01 CDT 2002

> From: Bill Mason <evolt at accessibleinter.net>
> At 08:50 AM 06/12/2002, Sebastian Kostal wrote:
> >So should I have used the <td> tags to control height to conform?
> >This seems to be valid, but also depreciated. Why is this? Is tere a
> >better way to control table height?
> CSS can control height, though on tables NN4 and I believe IE4 (to
> name two) wouldn't support it correctly (or at all).

not at all...

> >Will pages conforming to the w3 validator's standards always render
> >correctly?
> If the user-agent being used to view the page supports the standard
> correctly, sure.

but most don't, and those that do sometimes have different
interpretations of the specs...

i guess "correctly" is the key, here...  is "correctly" equal to "close
enough" or "precisely"?

> >I have used the "background" attribute in some instances which is not
> >validated. It depreciates very well, but it does not conform to the
> >w3c specs. I don't think I should slavishly stick to the w3c
> >recommondation in this case. Any other opinions?
> Background can also be handled via CSS, though your mileage in your
> browser of choice may again vary.

NN4.x actually has pretty good support for background... it
supports background-color, background-image and background-
repeat... however, you have to have a background-color if your
image doesn't tile, and the dreaded tile bug in nested
<td>s/<table>s (as well as the background on a <table>) still
exists in NN4.x, regardless of the CSS approach...

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